Ryan Family Photoshoot

Family Photo Shoot, Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Photographer

Everytime I have visited my sister we have tried to line up an updated family photoshoot and it has rained every single time, so in April when I was in Newcastle the weather was perfect so we scheduled it in!
Have you ever been to Rathmines (Lake Macquarie) in NSW?
It is a beautiful little peaceful suburb where we grew up. We decided to do the photoshoot in the morning down by the lake and the conditions were perfect, kids were being playful and happy!


Sunshine Coast Photographer

Coolum Beach

Chelsea and Damien’s Coolum Beach Engagement Session

Between the giggles, snuggles and sweet kisses photographing Chelsea and Damien’s engagement session was alot fun!
We hung out at First Bay, Coolum Beach which a great spot for photos!

It was pretty clear these two needed not much guidance or prompts to snuggle in and be all cute together! Chelsea and Damien are so down to earth and just go with the flow and it made them easy to photograph.

Chelsea and Damien have been together since 2015 where they met at work in Brisbane at the Gabba. They have been inseparable ever since.
At then end of 2017 Damien bended his knee to ask his gorgeous girl Chelsea to spend the rest of her days by his side. So the date was set for a day in June 2019 where they will become Husband and Wife.

I cannot wait to share their special day and to document the start of their adventure through life together!


Sunshine Coast Photographer

Hayley and Mike

Sunshine Coast

“You are my beautiful forever… a connection so deep that even an eternity doesn’t seem long enough to spend with you.” – Steve Maraboli

Photographing friends is always a lot of fun so when Hayley asked me to photograph her and Mikey for their engagement I was blown away and honoured to be asked. Hayley is also in the wedding industry and many of you may know or seen her working at various events around the Sunshine Coast with her photobooth business Ishoot Photobooth. Mikey also works with Hayley when she has a few bookings the same time.
I met with Hayley initially to discuss a theme or come up with ideas for their photoshoot when it was mentioned that Hayley would like to include their furbaby in the shoot!
Ummm Yes!!!
Then Hayley mentioned it was a kitty cat.

We started the shoot at their place with kitty then made our way over to Emu Mountain, Coolum for some fun.
The week we did this session was Hayley and Mikey’s 10 year anniversary of being together with 4 of those engaged with their wedding to come in April 2020.
I am so excited to be photographing their special day as its a wedding with a bit of uniqueness (is that even a word? Is now).

Thankyou Hayley and Mikey for sharing your life journey with me!
Bring on the wedding!


Noosa Wedding photographer
Noosa Love Session
Kristina + Jackson

A long distance love


“The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives. The harder you have to fight for something, the more priceless it will become once you achieve it. And the more pain you have to endure on your journey, the sweeter the arrival at your destination . All good things are worth waiting for and fighting for.”


I had received a message through my facebook page from Jackson asking if I was available for an engagement session within the week. It had to be done this week as I later found out that Jackson’s fiancé was heading back home to USA that week.
With the date and location set and I was really looking to meeting both Jackson and Kristina.
When I arrived to Noosa carpark it was so cold and windy, the beach was rough and I was hoping the wind would settle down a little bit so we didn’t have sand flying all over us and smashing against us and my gear.
We started off in Hidden Grove and had a bit of chat about how long Kristina and Jackson had been together. Turns out they live across the world apart and met online. But here is the most amazing part THEY HAVE BEEN DATING FOR 4 YEARS!
How incredibly resilient their relationship is. Long distance relationship is hard at the best of times for short periods at a time (trust me I know I lived it for 12 months) but 4 years! Their relationship strength has shown me anything is possible.
I asked what their secret was? And their response was Yearly trips to see each other, phone calls and FaceTime calls when they can (time difference would be a bit tricky at time too).
They plan to marry 2019 in California where Jackson will reside with Kristina for a few years, then maybe come back to Australia for a bit of living here!
Wishing you both the very best guys and cannot wait to see your wedding photos xxx


Noosa Wedding Photographer

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Bliss Photography by Leah



Sunshine Coast Wedding Expo

Photo Credit Artography at Sunshine Coast Wedding Expo

your guide to attending a wedding expo

The Sunshine Coast’s most anticipated wedding expo is only 3 weeks away!

The Sunshine Coast Wedding Expo will be held on Sunday 4th November 2018 at Maroochy RSL Events Centre between 11am to 3pm.
Every ticket purchased increases your chance of winning the $5000 prize to spend towards your dream wedding day.
Tickets are now on sale!
Have a girls day out with your girls (mum included)

Sunshine Coast Wedding Expo has been putting together these exhibitions since 2016 and are held biannually, one in May and one in November.
Showcasing some of the most recognised wedding vendors on the Sunshine Coast.

Over the last couple of years I have been lucky enough to talk with many brides and grooms about their wedding day plans and I love watching all the excitement the expo brings where they see ideas on something or they are talking to you and their eyes light up and then to see that on their wedding day, being part of it all is a great feeling!

Hopefully a few of these tips below will help you enjoy the wedding expo experience and not overwhelm you too much.

Bring your ladies with
Chances are your going to be overwhelmed by everything you see at the expo, especially if it’s the first one you have attended. Bring your ladies with you so they can help with the planning and take some of the information for you!
It’s an exhausting day for everyone involved and last thing we want is for you to go home totally confused and stressed about the whole experience of planning your wedding day!
Its supposed to be fun and joyful, so let others help you!
Also its a good excuse to catch up with your girls for a lunch or dinner to help you go through all the information you have collected and narrow down who you would like to talk with further.

 Have an idea of your wedding date and guest numbers.
 This is most likely the first question suppliers ask to make sure they’re available and able to cater for your wedding. It also helps them tailor their package and pricing information.
Popular wedding months are booked months and even years in advance with some suppliers, the earlier the better to avoid missing out on who you love to be helping on your wedding day.

Don’t forget to create a dedicated wedding email address.
Make it easy for yourself and create a wedding email address thats kept seperate from everyday emails to avoid them getting lost!
Easier to keep it all in one place, and you can keep updated with competitions, exclusive specials and giveaways.

 Do take the time to chat with suppliers.
 You want to choose suppliers who are not only fantastic at what they do, but also great to work with!
You need to click with them, after all you will be talking/spending a lot of time with them leading up to the wedding and last thing you would want is awkward moments or not being on the same level of what you want.
Striking up a conversation is the best way to find people you click with and get a better idea of what they offer.
Ask them questions, that’s why they are there.
Look at their products and see if it is something you would really like to have at your wedding or after. Photographers always have albums of weddings they have done for you to look through.
Watch a video at a Videographers display, I can guarantee you will love to have one of your own after watching it.
There will be someone who will suit your budget and style, and you will know from the get go when you start to talk with them.
Enter competitions if they have one or if you are interested take their flyer/card to contact them at a later date to discuss more.

 Don’t try to plan your entire wedding in one day.
What do you want to achieve from the wedding expo.
What is the most important part of your wedding you would like to get started with?
If you can have a meeting with a supplier you like to discuss a booking soon after the expo then thats great, bonus even if you manage to do it on the day!

  Keep track of your favourites.
Take photos of displays that catch your eye, separate out the business cards of suppliers who are a good fit and jot down notes as you go.
When you go back through the cards and see the notes, you will remember who you liked to talk to again.

Specials and competitions.
Make sure you fill in competition tickets, raffles, look at specials and whats included.
As the saying goes “got to be in it to win it” and why not!
Wedding expos are a great way to save big $$$ on your wedding if you take advantage of what vendors have to offer, just make sure you check their T&C’s.

 Don’t feel pressure to commit on the day.
It’s okay if you need some time to weigh up the different options and come back to suppliers with any questions you might not think of on the day.

  Look through the information as soon as possible after the event.
The earlier you debrief with your partner, the better! Chat about which suppliers stood out most and why, check out their work online and decide who you’d like to follow up with.
And just like that you are starting to check things off your wedding planning list!

Remember to have fun it’s an exciting time

Photo Credit Artography at Sunshine Coast Wedding Expo



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