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” You know when your in love when you can’t fall asleep, because reality is finally better then your dreams “
-Dr Seuss

Why I love the Speeches!

While I was photographing a wedding over the weekend and I was listening to the speeches I got a little teary. Actually I’m not going to lie I always get teary during the speeches.

Why, you ask?

Well to me apart from the ceremony when a couple write their own vows. I just love the hearing how couples meet from someone else’s perspective. You hear the real way they met. You hear from their families and friends about them growing up. All the sad times and all the amazingly happy times. The roads they have traveled bad and good to hearing how their loved ones are so proud of them.

It gets me teary every single time, even when I am second shooting and I have never met the couple until their wedding day.

This wedding last weekend I was photographing struck a cord with me and they weren’t even my clients. It was their vows they wrote to each other but the speeches two in particular. The Maid of Honour made such a beautiful speech about her friend. She shared how the bride was a bit of a rebel, and is now 6 months off being a fully qualified accountant. What an achievement it was and how much her friend had turned her life around, the whole room was almost in tears too.

The other was the Best Man. He mentioned how the bride and groom met (the real version). It was pretty damn funny, went on about how proud he was of the groom and how they had met and stories of growing up, but at the very end of his speech he mentioned a quote from Dr Seuss ( quote is under the photo above ), one I had never heard before, I just loved it.