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Laurin and Luke Love Session Twin waters


Love session with a little bit of family time!

Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast


We had to first postpone Laurin and Luke’s Love Session due to bad weather, so we rescheduled for the following week! Oh My Goodness it was freezing outside, it was windy, the sun was out but it made no difference. While I waited for Laurin, Luke and their boys to arrive I was trying to keep as warm as possible…..FAIL! I couldn’t get warm. I was watching the kangaroos grazing in the afternoon light and the light was just perfect.
Laurin and Luke arrive and we get straight into their session as I didn’t want to keep them out in the cold for too long, especially their little ones Noah and Ewan. Oh these guys are the cutest. Everytime see Noah he has talked my ear off and shows me how he can ride his skateboard. He is pretty impressive for a young boy to ride a board like he does. Ewan is normally asleep and this was the first time we had actually met!
As you can see photo below there is some brotherly love going on, and then in the next Noah is giving me the eye, apparently trying to work the camera ha ha ha……way too cute!
While photographing Laurin and Luke I am loving the way they are interacting. They are amazing together no awkward moments, lots of them talking to each other. Lots of giggles and emotion and affection, so much love between them, all the while their two little babes are watching…..True Love | Pure Bliss


Laurin and Luke Love SessionLaurin and Luke

Laurin and Luke Love session with their children Noah and Ewan at Twin Waters

Laurin and Luke Love Session Twin watersLaurin and Luke Engagement Session at Twin WatersLaurin and Luke Love Session at Twin WatersLaurin and Luke Family image at Twin WatersLaurin and Luke Love Session at Twin Waters

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