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Hayley and Mike

Sunshine Coast

“You are my beautiful forever… a connection so deep that even an eternity doesn’t seem long enough to spend with you.” – Steve Maraboli

Photographing friends is always a lot of fun so when Hayley asked me to photograph her and Mikey for their engagement I was blown away and honoured to be asked. Hayley is also in the wedding industry and many of you may know or seen her working at various events around the Sunshine Coast with her photobooth business Ishoot Photobooth. Mikey also works with Hayley when she has a few bookings the same time.
I met with Hayley initially to discuss a theme or come up with ideas for their photoshoot when it was mentioned that Hayley would like to include their furbaby in the shoot!
Ummm Yes!!!
Then Hayley mentioned it was a kitty cat.

We started the shoot at their place with kitty then made our way over to Emu Mountain, Coolum for some fun.
The week we did this session was Hayley and Mikey’s 10 year anniversary of being together with 4 of those engaged with their wedding to come in April 2020.
I am so excited to be photographing their special day as its a wedding with a bit of uniqueness (is that even a word? Is now).

Thankyou Hayley and Mikey for sharing your life journey with me!
Bring on the wedding!